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 :: TeamWork ::

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PostSubject: :: TeamWork ::   Wed Jun 11, 2008 7:04 pm

This clan needs to learn teamwork. Teamwork is the only way we can become the best. Here are some tips during scrims:

♣ Make sure you have cg_drawTeamOverlay "3" so you can know where your teammates are during the entire match. It basically shows the locaton of you and your teamates at the lower left part of your screen.

♣ FOLLOW YOUR TEAM: It is essential that you follow your partner(s) everywhere you go. This is where the cg_drawTeamOverlay "3" diagram can help. Double teams and triple teams increase your odds greatly.

♣ COMMUNICATE: When you are killed, tell your teammates where you are frozen. Here is an example if we bind "q" :

/bind "q" say_team "MELT ME!! INCOMING ENEMY!!"

[Note] It is also wise to bind other keys that can say "ENEMY IS HERE" so your partner can come find you and help out by double teaming or triple teaming. Example of bind "e"

/bind "e" say_team "ENEMY IS HERE!!!"

♣ NEVER RUSH IN: If you spy 3 enemies, just run off or wait for your partner. A 3 on 1 is slaughter.

♣ HaVoC's Strategy: It's very simple... As you and your partner kill an enemy, have 1 person stay nearby the frozen enemy and have the other person travel across the map (BUT THE TRAVELING PERSON MUST STAY CLOSE TO HIS PARTNER). This strategy is very efficient.


♣ TRAINING IS IMPORTANT! Always practice with your partner(s) before a match. If you guys want more training, always contact other members on xfire. Detox and I want to train everyone in this clan so please STAY ACTIVE. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK OTHERS IF YOU WANNA TRAIN ON OUR SERVERS OR LEARN FROM THEM. KNOW YOUR PARTNERS STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES!!

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:: TeamWork ::
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